Concierge Style Consulting

we provides high-touch support for organizations that require an advocate that understands technology.

About Us

Sager Systems is a concierge style technology advisory firm that provides high-touch support for organizations that require an advocate that understands technology and how it impacts your business or products.

We have a unique combination of service offerings, including around the clock access to a technology advisor for last minutes help on RFP’s or production outages as well as the option to quickly fix demonstration code or proof of concept ideas. Sager Systems is your champion.

Our Story

Founded in 2000, Sager Systems provides high-touch support to our clients. Over the past 20+ years, I have had the privilege of working with & learning from industry experts.

During my many conversations with executives, I realized that Technology is creating positive disruption, but executives are quickly realizing that without an advocate who appreciates and understands Technology, business opportunities are being destroyed.

Our Philosophy

We work smarter,
to make things simpler

Ivan Sager
Ivan Sager Technologist

Our Core Focus

Web Sites & Applications
System Integration & Database Design
Multi-Tenant Architecture
Scalability & Cloud computing
Strategy without action is simply a daydream..
Action without strategy is a nightmare! - right on the money

Our Services

Sager Systems provides comprehensive technology advisory services, specalized software development and rapid proof of concept coding. We are a Concierge Technology Firm which provides you with a high touch focus and responsive team.

Due diligence

Before acquiring a technology company, several questions must be answered including what is unique about the company’s intellectual property & how monetizable are these assets?

Oversight of development

We provide fractional Technology managment spending a few hours a month revewing code and provising oversight and leadership to your onshore or offshore development teams

iPhone repairs

This is a small part of our business but its becoming more of a focal point for our customers who have confidentail infomation on their phone and can not risk leaving it at a store with an unknown entity/store manager.

Technology advocate

We participate on calls with you customers or prospect companies that you are looking to enage with. We are part of your team and advocate and lead sessions on your behalf.

Custom development

Our development usually focuses on building out proof of concepts which lay the fondation to provide to software developers onshore or offshore.

Request for proposal (RFP)

A relatively new offering for us. If you are submitting or reveiwing a request for proposal (RFP), we can assist or lead the effort. We focus on the technology aspects and support the complete bidding process.

X.PC Water - Test Drive our latest version

X.PC is a real-time AI Platform that improves the speed, visibility, and control of all parties involved in the exchange of information. Since 2000, the X.PC Platform has assisted clients in automating and controlling process execution within their extended networks and organization.